Why Use a Professional Freelance Writer Editor?

You have decided that you need a professional freelance writer-editor, but finding one amongst the options can be a difficult task. A quick online search reveals literally thousands of freelance writers and editors, fighting for your custom. Amongst the mayhem, how do you find a freelance writer and editor that will produce great work? How do you ensure that any money you invest will be repaid, many times over?

There are many freelance writing boards, where you place adverts and watch freelance writers fall over themselves to bid, in a race to the bottom. Unfortunately, in this quest for the lowest price, quality often goes out of the window. Ultimately, you may end up with work that is poorly written and clumsy, or copied and pasted. You need a professional freelance writer-editor who has concern for your specific needs, and will work with you, not against you.

Value For Money Does Not Always Mean The Lowest Price.

Finding the Best Freelance Writer Editor

The best freelance writer and editor to hire is the one that will treat each project individually, and spend time ensuring that the work exceeds your expectations. Hiring a professional freelance writer-editor is an investment that will soon pay off and reap rewards. Whether you want to create a sales letter that works, or an academic article that stands out from the crowd, the professionalism will shine through in the work. High quality work shows that you mean business.

What this Freelance Writer Editor can do for you

I am an experienced freelance writer and editor, who served my apprenticeship on the freelance boards, seeing the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. With this experience, I know how to produce quality, whether you need compelling website copywriting, or a resume that will have employers clamouring to invite you to interview.

Every piece of work I produce is crafted with care, according to your exact specifications, whether it is a blog post or a ghost-written book. If you want a writer that will exceed your expectations and set you apart from the crowd, then please feel free to look around the website. You will see how we can work together to create perfection.

As a native English speaker, comfortable with American and British English, I know how to make the words flow together and engage your readers.

Some of the services that I offer as a professional freelance writer editor are:

Writing, Editing & Proofreading:

Ghostwriting & Editing:

All of my work is guaranteed to be completely original, with no plagiarizing, content theft or spinning.

If you want to see my freelance writing and editing credentials, I have an account and portfolio at Hubpages. My about section includes a biography, so that you know a little more about the man behind the picture.